DWIGHT EISENHOWER Autograph - 1st Day Cover 1952

Dwight Eisenhower


1952 Autograph

on NATO Stamp Issue First Day Cover

Likely Secretarial or Auto-pen Post Presidential Period Signature - reflected in Start price.

The postmark date is not the date of the signature. This appears to be a post-presidential secretarial signature, not one signed by Eisenhower himself.
His secretary after he left the White House routinely signed autograph requests for him and omitted his middle initial.
Notice, too, that the first name lacks the i. You can compare this to the secretarial signature from the post-presidential period that appears in Paul Carr's book
"The Eisenhower Files". An example of this same signature appears on page 127. (From question posted to this listing)
Provenance : Autograph originally directly obtained by M/Sgt. M.C. Drasher of California for his own collection and enjoyment. Items are being sold for his estate on consignment by coverscoverscovers on eBay. This autographed item has not been previously offered for sale individually. It is "Raw material", no previous authentication and expertization have been made.

This Autographed Item is Guaranteed Genuine as described in all respects. Provenance is stated in item description. Please print the description of this item as your Certificate
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