Dynaco SCA-35 Factory Assmbld, 12AX7 6BQ5 7199 Tube Amp

Up for auction is a very nice example of a Factory Assembled Dynaco SCA-35. These amps were typically sold as Kits....but there were some rather rare versions that were Factory Assembled....and this is one of them, making it just that much more valuable and 'collectible'. Dynaco Factory Assembled units are clearly discernable by the circuit boards and various other pieces being riveted in vs being screwed in like seen in the Kit versions. This amp came to me without tubes.....so I've replaced all of them. It has NOS 12AX7s and 7199s, and some NEW EL84 type output tubes. All switches and controls were cleaned, and the amp seems to function wonderfully well. The sound is rich and warm.....and the realism of the sound stage is so very typical of these old Dynaco amps. The amp appears completely 'stock'....with no changes that I can see other than one of the socket receptacles in the back is missing. It was quite common for people to put plugs into these sockets, then push the amp back in a cabinet and 'crack' or damage the receptacle. There is a small dent in the rear panel as a result of this action....but as you'll see in the photos....it's minimal and nothing to be concerned with. Cosmetically the amp is in excellent condition, with the only real problem that I see being that the lettering by the 'on/off' switch is worn off. Otherwise, ... read more