DYNACO ST-120 SOLID STATE VAN ALSTINE MOS-FET 120 MODIFIED STEREO POWER AMPLIFIER EARLY MODEL JENSENS STEREO SHOP DETAILED AND CLEANED IN EXCELLENT EXTERIOR CONDITION AND TESTED IN EXCELLENT WORKING CONDITION INCLUDES ORIGINAL OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS SHEET AND ORIGINAL PARTS LIST WITH SCHEMATIC SHEETS. This is an early model Frank van Alstine MOS-FET 120 modified Dynaco ST-120 power amplifier from when he was operating out of Jensens Stereo Shop in Burnsville, MN.. I was able to talk to Frank van Alstine on the telephone personally and he verified this and verified the model was his modification. The Operating Instructions nor the Parts List make mention of his name. Van Alstine did very high quality modifications on Dynaco and other manufacturers, which were substantial, and brought the sound quality of the modded audio equipment to a much higher level and was well worth the investment. This amplifier is in excellent operating condition and provides clean high quality sound as designed. The Van Alstine MOS-FET 120 is a complete rebuild of a Dyna ST-120 amplifier. None of the original circuits remain. The chassis, transformer, hardware, bare PC cards, and large capacitors were reused. The audio circuits, output circuits, power supply circuits, and internal wiring are all new. The amplifier is built for long life and is relatively
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