Dynamic Coin Trick - Amazing Self Working Magic Tricks - Best Trick In The World

Dynamic Coins - Excellent Magic Trick - The Best & Easiest Self Working Coin Trick In The World. Free P & P.

You show two cylindrical metal caps and a metal ring and offer them for examination. All are seen to be completely empty. Immediately five coins mysteriously appear under one of the metal caps. Then as soon as they appeared, they vanish only to reappear under the second metal cap previously shown to be empty. The coins continue to jump from one cap to the other and can even penetrate through the solid metal from one container into the other.

For the big finisher, all of the coins vanish without trace !

This trick has beautifully made parts which can be handed out for examination before and after the trick !

Brand new, with full instructions and this trick is fully self working - requires no practice and no sleight of hand. This trick is an ideal starter for any budding young magician or sorcerers apprentice !

The Magic Trick comes complete with: User instructions 2 x fake 10p props (all you need to do is supply 2 x real 10p coins) 2 x holders 1 x ring

All you need to supply are the coins required (10p's) to be able to perform this great looking effect.

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