E.N. Welch Forestville, CT 1870 Wall Clock Museum Piece

Beautiful E.N. Welch Wall Clock!

This comes from the estate of a nearby doctor. He had the most amazing collections I've seen. He also kept details on most. T are two pieces of paper inside the clock and I'll list what each of them say. I'll put exactly what they say, punctuated, capital letters, etc.

'Clock has the following information imprinted into the brass metal frame of the works: Pat'd Aug 30 1870 E.N. Welch Forestville CT U.S.A. Based on the patent date the Circa 1880 is surely within the real possibility of its age. I find that when new improvements are made in a clock works, and those changes are patented then the newer patent date will, most often, be shown on the works. These works are in excellent condition, showing almost no wear that can be detected by the human eye. I have worked on other E.N. Welch Clocks and, at one time owned one but the design of these works is not like any I have seen before. It has been thoroughly cleaned, oiled and adjusted. It is my opinion you have a very fine Antique piece. Dale Porter.' More on reverse side.

The other side: 'We have a Sessions Mantle Clock on our fireplace Mantle. The label on the back reads, in part, The Sessions Clock Co. Successors to The E.N. Welch Mfg. Co. Forestville, Conn., U.S.A. I have information that tells me Sessions took over the

Next piece is handwritten: 'Refurbished by Ray Johnson 1989. American made Walsh clock timepiece. Found in Grange Hall (a social hall). Circa 1880. Purchased 1991 for $200. (approx worth at the time was $225 - $250) by Dave & Marianne Carter, Crestline, Ca. Its an E.N. Welsh, Sessions bought them out.' (I'm not sure why the spellings are different)

This clock is 2 feet tall, 13 inches wide. The key is included as are the pieces of paper, pendulum and a few little pieces of wood that I'm sure goes on somew I wish I could tell what type of wood is used. I recognize some oak in the back but can't tell about the rest It has a very dark surface and I've seen enough 'Antique Roadshows' to know not to strip it. The center part between the doors has flowers carved into it. The bezels has the sagging antique glass look that the years and gravity have provided. are the negatives that a good clock repair shop or a good hobbyist could handle. 1st: The works had been over-tightened and has been sprung. 2nd: The face is rough, please look at its picture. 3rd: The hinges aren't quite right. The little one is ok, but the big bezel needs a small piece of wood between the hinge and the door. Fairly simple.

1870 - 1880 E.N. Welch Wall Clock!!! Questions? Please ask!

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