E145-Helmar #20 Dahlen, "Bad Bill", 21 yrs., .272 ave NEW YORK GIANTS


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Card # 20 E145-Helmar Player Position Team Dahlen, Bill Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS Avg Sell Max Min Total Sold Avg # Bids Avg # Bidders Last Sold $18.18 $31.55 $7.71 11 84 March 11, 2014

"Bad Bill" Dahlen - William Frederick Dahlen was born on January 5, 1870 in Nelliston, NY. Nicknamed "Bad Bill" due to his fiery temperament.� Originally recommended by big leaguers Tom York and Joe Battin to Chicago Colts manager Cap Anson, "Bad Bill" Dahlen joining the Colts making his big league debut on April 22, 1891. Dahlen quickly developed into an excellent hitter, Bill batted .357 in 1894, with 107 RBI while also getting a hit in 42 consecutive games, with the streak beginning on June 20, 1894 and ending on August 6, 1894. Amazingly after going 0 for 6 on August 7, 1894 in a ten inning contest, Dahlen proceeded to hit in an additional 28 consecutive games bringing his hitting streak to 70 of 71 consecutive games. In 1896, Dahlen batted .352, good for second in the league.

This card is part of the E145-Helmar series. Each card is about 2.25" x 3" and there are 104 cards in the set. This E145-Helmar series
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