3 EA 2011 FIRST SPOUSE BRONZE MEDAL 4 Coin Set with COA & Envelope

2011 First Spouse Bronze Four-Medal Set Image of the 2011 First Spouse Bronze Four-Medal Set Specifically, the medals bear the likenesses of Eliza Johnson, wife of President Andrew Johnson; Julia Grant, married to President Ulysses S. Grant; Lucy Hayes, President Rutherford B. Hayes’s spouse; and Lucretia Garfield, wife of President James Garfield.
The four-medal set’s packaging has the 1 and 5/16-inch strikes enclosed in Mylar’s clear plastic within a folded card inside a custom-made envelope. The folded card also contains United States Mint product information.
The medal designs mimic the images found on this year’s First Spouse Gold Coins. Although the medals are struck in Philadelphia, no mint mark was placed on the issues. The obverse of each shows a portrait of the First Lady while the reverse depicts a scene from her life.
Design details for each of the bronze medals follows:
Eliza Johnson
The reverse portrays three children at a ball that was held for President Johnson’s 60th birthday. They are dancing and a Marine Band fiddler is playing in the background. It was designed by United States Mint Artistic Infusion Program (AIP) Associate Designer Gary Whitley and sculpted by U.S. Mint Sculptor-Engraver Phebe Hemphill.
The portrait on the obverse was designed by U.S. Mint AIP Master Designer
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