Eagle Tree Systems Bundle Package- 20% off (check description)

This package will include the following:
1: Altimeter MicroSensor V4
1: Guardian Stabilization Module for OSD Pro
1: Complete OSD Pro System w/GPS
1: EagleEyes FPV Station
1: Male RCA to Servo Connector Adaptor
1: Clear case for FPV station
1: USB mini-cable
1: snap on Ferrite choke complete
This equipment is fantastic, if you are looking todo any type of long range FPV (first person view) this is definitely the ultimate system. No matter what it is short range to long range flight. High or low this thing can handle everything. I purchased the product thinking I wanted a system that would need to be used with an analog system. Eagle Tree systems allows for your signal to be imbedded w/ your video transmission. I didn't have a video Tx and Rx at the time so I decided to put it aside for a while.
Here I am nine months later it has been sitting here in a water tight case doing nothing. Below is all the specifications. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Altimeter MicroSensor V4- what it does:
The Altimeter is a precision instrument that uses barometric pressure to measure altitude, just as full sized planes do. Advanced temperature compensation and factory calibration ensure the best possible accuracy, with no user calibration required. When used standalone,
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