This is an amber glass Daisy & Button Parlor Dog Toothpick Holder by Columbia Glass, Findlay Ohio. Circa 1886-1891. The only reference to this piece I could find was in the back of Rare & Unlisted Toothpick Holder by William Heacock in a reprint of a Butler Bros catalog. This piece has no chips or cracks. Glass is clean and bright. Lots of bubbles and straw mark typical of old glass. T is a spot on the edge of the base that is very, very smooth----so smooth that it might have been manufactured with the flaw. It looks like it could be a smoothed over chip, but again it is very, very smooth---almost like melted glass at that spot. See my closeup photos. I don't know what a repair on glass would look or feel like, but this is absolutely smooth and shiny. Toothpick holder measures 5 7/8" tall x 3" bottom base diameter x 2 1/4" diameter top opening. A beautiful and rare piece to add to your Daisy and Button or Toothpick Holder collection! Buyer to pay $4.95 shipping cost. Thanks for looking!