EAPG Cupid & Venus Bread Tray Richards & Hartley 500 Minerva Guardian Angel

authentic glassware of the Victorian Era

Cupid & Venus Bread Tray

by Richards & Hartley

1870s tableware in very nice condition

Welcome to Simpler Times Antiques! Here today for your consideration we're pleased to offer these lovely crystal bread trays from the Cupid and Venus tableware pattern by Richards and Hartley. This pattern was introduced in the mid 1870s and enjoyed a production period into the late 1880s at Richards & Hartley as their pattern number 500. The pattern is also known by the names Guardian Angel and Minerva. Later production into the 1890s is known to have occurred at US Glass Co. Our tray is circular and has a diameter of about 10.5" not including tab handles. It features a deep center and has a rim height of about 1.25". It is of non flint glass.

A close look here shows this item to be in very nice, but not quite mint condition. We noted a bit of roughness about the edge of the tray as well as a few scratches in the center likely caused by stacking dishes together over the many long years. Our tray is free from any chips, cracks, or repairs. It's of good clarity and are free of hard water film or other discoloration. Mould impression is good and pattern definition crisp and distinct. In short, this is pattern glass that shows the expected light wear of
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