EAPG Flint Glass Goblet, "Argus" by McKee & Bros, Pittsburgh PA c1860

Offered here is a fine early clear glass goblet in the "Argus" pattern produced by McKee & Brothers of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania around 1860. Measuring a full 6" in height, it has a polished pontil. It is a bright, clear piece of ringing flint glass in perfect condition.

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Condition Notes :Since certain words are open to interpretation, here is a short synopsis of the meaning we attach to various terms relevent to condition. In all cases, anything that we believe is outside the boundaries of accepted norms will be fully described in the listings. PERFECT. Implies the piece is free of chips, cracks, or hairlines. Expect reasonable signs of use and age and/or minor original manufacturing flaws. FLAWLESS: Implies that the piece was originally made without any flaws and is undamaged as outlined under PERFECT. You may expect to see some reasonable signs of use such as normal and usually validating bottom wear, but anything beyond that will not be described as FLAWLESS. MINT: A word we almost never use, implies that a piece has no flaws, no wear, no sign of use, no damage -- and to all intents and purposes, remains as pristine as the day it was made.

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