EAPG Oval Star Toy Glass Plate Cup Pitcher Bowl Tumbler

Indiana Glass

15 Piece Toy Dish Lot Oval Star, EAPG Pattern # 300 Circa 1910 Pattern description: Hobstar in an oval, repeated 3 times, With a ladder and zipper panel in between. Butter Under Plate, 5-1/4'' diameter. No chips or breaks. Two Piece Covered Sugar Bowl, 3 1/4" diameter, 4" tall, 5" from handle to handle. No chips or breaks on bowl or lid. Spooner, 2 3/8" diameter, 2 1/2" tall. No chips or breaks. Lemonade or Ice Tea Pitcher, just right under 4-1/2'' tall. No hairline breaks, has small flake chip on the bottom of handle on one side and a couple on the interior rim of spout. Five piece matching tumbler set, 1-3/4'' diameter, 2-1/4'' tall. 2 out of 5 have some bites on the inner rim, along the pressed mold seam. Five piece Slewed Horseshoe pressed pattern punch cup set, 1-3/8'' diameter, 1-1/8'' tall. No chips or hairline breaks. Each piece Sparkles! No Cloudiness or mineral deposit, and glass is not sun purple. T may be a bit of roughness to the touch from the pressed mold seam which is common. The condition report given above is information to what is seen or is visible from examination. 15 Piece EAPG Play Set is all for one money with no reserve!

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