Admiral Dewey Water Pitcher & Tumbler - Pebbled background with clear glass cameos of Dewey, the Battleship USS Olympia, cannons, flags, & four stacks of cannon balls and rope border. The body is filled with military motifs. Both pieces are in excellent condition with no chips or cracks.
Beatty-Brady Glass Co made this in Dunkirk Indiana, as a commemorationof Admiral Deweyâe(tm)s part in the Spanish-American War, in the 1890âe(tm)s. This crystal pitcher stands 9 inches in height; top opening is 5-¾ across at the spout, and 4 inches across the base. Nice historical glass piece that dates from 1898 to 1902.
Some history on Admiral Dewey:

Background. Born in Montpelier, Vermont, on 26 December 1837, George Dewey graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1858, and during the Civil War he served as a Union naval officer aboard the Mississippi, one of the ships under the command of Capt. (later admiral) David Farragut in the Battle of New Orleans in 1862. During the naval expansion of the 1880s and 1890s Dewey became chief of the Bureau of Equipment in 1889, president of the Lighthouse Board in 1893, and president of the Board of Inspection and Survey in 1895. The following year he was promoted to the rank of Commodore. In 1897 he assumed command of the Asiatic Squadron in the Pacific.

The Spanish-American
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