This is a fantastic piece of Early American Pattern Glass and very rare to find. This vase was made probably during the 1870's or 80's. The
manufacturer is unknown at this time and I could only find one reference in all of my books on Early American Pattern Glass. T is some thought that these vases may be French or English in origin as well. This vase is 11-3/4" tall and the beaded and scalloped rim is 5" in diameter. The lily or trumpet is completely threaded and on two sides has a salamander or lizard climbing up. The Salamanders are stippled. Below the trumpet is a ring of flora or leaves (acanthus style) that form the base. This base is 5" in diameter on the bottom and 3-7/8" at the top with the six leaves. In the Standard Encyclopedia of Pressed Glass by Bill Edwards and Mike Carwile, the only reference I could find, they seem to think it was made as one piece. To me it looks like the trumpet or lily is attached to the base with a wafer of glass. I have ANOTHER of these vases and they are almost identical, the other is about 1/2" taller. T are remnants of gold decoration on the rim and the Salamanders. I'll bet that was a sight when new! T may be some bubbles and straw marks, but t are no chips, flakes or cracks.