Early '15 Silent PreCode Nude on Cross Movie Photo

1915 Pre Hays Code Penitentes Nude Cross Movie Photo

Lelands Sports & Americana has aquired one of the largest collections ever, of historic vintage quintessential photos, spanning the entire 20th century. The San Francisco Examiner was the first paper aquired by William Randolph Hearst, power wielding and flamboyant, the paper was his vehicle, his voice. The Examiner, coveted by the masses for its lurid sensationalism, was as important as TV is today to popular culture. The photo archives were the vehicle used to create this fervor, and now the ORIGINAL PHOTOS are available for sale for the very first time. SFX archives is one of the few eBay sites chosen by Leland's, to sell the best of the best from this glorious collection. They are an eclectic group of superior images from the vast collection of photos in the archives. This important and historic collection covers the entire 20th Century. The majority of the photographs are fully identified, and back-stamped with dates. All will be listed on eBay with low opening bids and no reserves. Included will be an diverse mix of subjects including historical, political, transportation, the Golden Age of Hollywood, all facets of entertainment from the early to the late 20th century. Click to see SFXARCHIVE auctions (BOOKMARK FOR FUTURE). Photo Description Subject: A scene
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