Early 1900's "RINSO" Soap Metal advertising shop sign

RINSO was the brand name of a Laundry soap that was used mainly in the United States of America , the United Kingdom and Australia . The brand was created by HUDSON'S SOAPS and in 1908 the company was purchased by LEVER BROTHERS of Port Sunlight UK. In 1918 manufacture began by the LEVER Brothers Company ( Later UNILEVER ) in the United States of America. RINSO continues to be sold today in "99 Cents only Stores" in the USA. The printed metal sign on offer has printed on the display surface the words RINSO MAKES LIGHT WORK OF A HEAVY WASH and is accompanied with a profile of the RINSO pack with the product message stating "THE DIRT DISPELLER" and " LET RINSO WASH WHILST YOU SLEEP". At the base of the sign is printed R.S.HUDSON, LIVERPOOL , WEST BROMWICH & LONDON . The sign on offer advertising the RINSO soap product was normally fixed to the outside of a grocers shop usually at eye level to give it maximum publicity for the product.It is now becoming very difficult to find these signs as most have been discarded over the years. For its age and external use the sign measuring 17.4cm X 24.5cm X is in a reasonably good condition and with its background history will make a valuable addition to a collection