Early 1900s B&W glass negative. A workman poses by his workbench.

Lot consists of 1 large format original glass photographic negative; taken in the early 1900s.
No scans or prints are included with this offer. Watermark does not appear on the original.
These are original, "one-off" images. I do not make, or keep copies or prints of these images. As these are the originals, they are the only images like this in existence. By buying these items, you are purchasing all rights to these images. They are yours to do with, as you please.
These are original, vintage items, in very good condition. These negatives have been lightly dusted with compressed air before scanning; they have not been professionally cleaned and may have small dust spots or age-related marks (all easily fixable, with any basic graphics program) not apparent in these small images. Sample image may be smaller than actual negative image area due to cropping. Some of these old glass plates may have cracks, chips, or broken corners. These images are only included in the lot as long as the main image area is not affected. Shipping cost includes full-value insurance. I will combine shipping (in most cases for free) for similar items.