Early 1920 German Christmas Candy Gift Box under Tree

1920 German Christmas Candy Gift Box Ornament for Feather Tree extraordinarily beautiful for your 1900 century Christmas tree. An Early German Gift Box 3 1/4" high and 3 3/4" in diameter. It is marked: "Germany" and has the Manufactors Number on the bottom of the box. The little Child is handmade of massive ,Masse' - a composition material of papier maché, plaster, size or glue and/or clay etc. (even meal-pap sometimes) and is handpainted. In excellent and original condition considering the age. T is a small ball,a little green fenced in Christmas Tree, a little puppy in red colar, little woman with blue hat and orange dress toy and toy house with red roof. The child is looking over them. He sits in a furry snow outfit along side a large Christmas Tree covered in snow. He is holding a Christmas wreath. T is a wonderful border out of many colors around the rim of the box. A box made for a Christmas treat or gift to someone special. Market day was Saturday and traditionally the women brought ornament boxes and sacks in baskets by train to Sonneberg which was the central depot for both ornaments and toys. Figurines were manufactured in the region of the Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge), Germany, about 1920´s and were used for Christmas Decoration (for Christmas Santa Claus Villages and/or Christmas Mountains or as flower pot decoration) and ... read more