Early 60's Ludwig COB Supraphonic

Up for auction is an early 60's Super Ludwig. Solid Brass shell. Pre-serial number badge, knob style muffler, which pre-dates the baseball bat. The P-83 strainer is in good working condition. The Butt side is a WFL, I was told this is the original piece. I also know that when they are changing styles of hardware they would use up whatever was left. Because of this Butt Plate, I believe this to be one of the earliest Super Ludwig's. Only an opinion. What I do know is this drum sounds amazing. This is a player!! I recently recorded with a multi platinum selling, Grammy nominated producer, we spent two days listening to snare drums. We heard other Supra's, Acrolites, Pearl Brass Free-Floating, Yamaha Manu Katche and several maple drums including a late 50's Radio King. May not be fair to mention the Maple's, they were looking for a metal snare sound. Anyway, this was the winner. The heads were new for the recording and that was the last time it was played, the lug tension markings are still on the head, Remo Coated Ambassador and Remo Snare Side. The snare wires are Puresound and are in great condition. I am sure I do not need to go into the long and storied history of the Super Ludwig, Ludwig Super 400 & Supraphonic. If you do not know about this drum, you can do some research on the web, you will read thing like "The king of all ... read more