Early Antique Stuffed Plush Velvet Velveteen Easter Bunny Rabbit Toy, Glass Eyes

This is a very venerable rabbit: I believe that she is quite old.� She came from the estate of an advanced collector of primitives, who also happened to love rabbits and Easter, and had some very fine Easter things.� This bunny shows some wear: there is a hole in one front paw, and a pull at the right nose seam, as well as some thin places in her velvet, notably on the nose and right side of the neck.� She shows best from her right profile, but looks fine to me from any angle, as long as you appreciate her antique status.� I can’t be sure, but I believe that this rabbit was machine-sewn and so probably commercially made.� Her belly seam may have been hand closed after stuffing (see photo).� Her stuffing is either all wool or cotton fill.� I believe she is older than most of the sawdust stuffed animals I have had.� The left side of her face has a dark circle, which I believe is on-purpose decoration.� She is in a leaping stance.� Her tail is sewn so as to be in a perky posture and is really cute.� She measures 7 ½” from nose to back leg, and 7” from front leg to back leg.� She is 5 ¾” tall at the ear tip.

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