Early Box Hearts Carved Pa Dutch LARGE Painted old ebay

13 inches across the top and 9 inches tall! An extraordinary early painted and heart cross carved FIVE SIDE box with likely Pennsylvania origin. Each side of the lift top is over 8 inches long, so the total dimension around is 40 inches. MOST RARE and MOST UNUSUAL. I believe t has been two coats of paint as t is a chip near the hinge inside the box which has been painted over. T is a slight warp to the top from age, Mustard or Gold paint in the carved details and black overall. Hinges are a little loose and several screws have been replaced, others are misssing. The construction appears to be pegged on the sides with large dowels but I can't tell. T are enormous early screws holding the bottom base on. I'm dating this 1880 - 1900 but see no square nails. A Most unusual folky and primitive form with great size! I'm moving in the Spring and leaving ebay before then, many of my favorite and most enjoyed pieces are listed now, make sure to click "view seller's other items" and thanks for participating! Postage on this will be $25.00 in the United States, It is large but not too heavy. Thanks! Yes, the second coat of paint appears to be enamel, which would date it to 1930 or so. The box itself is earlier.