Early British Army Colonial and Yeomanry Saddle

The Colonial and Yeomanry saddle followed the pattern of contemporary British hunter saddles. It was popular, but suffered from being less robest than the UP's, and less able to carry the increasingly heavy loads of era. This listing is for a Boer War vintage Colonial and Yeomanry saddle. The Colonial and Yeomanry saddle was popular with both those categories of unit. It was lighter and provided closer contact than the UP, but was neither as rugged, nor as adaptable to the heavy loads required of a campaign. It appeared during the Boer War-era for use in South Africa. It is often seen used as an officer's saddle, especially among staffs. The "List of Changes in War Materiel and of Patterns of Military Stores" are a rich source of information and illustrations of British saddlery and harness. The LOC's which discuss the listed Colonial and Yeomanry saddle are as below (see photos):

LOC 4672 - Saddlery for special service in South Africa

LOC 11039 - Saddlery, yeomanry - Nov. 1901 The saddle displays well; however the chape and Dee at the pommel to secure the wallat is missing, the detachable leather horsehair stuffed pannels are peeling and cracked on the underside, and one billet is cut. The girth is missing one buckle.