Early Brush McCoy Amaryllis Vase, Majolica Glaze, 5

Early Brush McCoy Amaryllis Vase, Majolica Glaze, 5"
Charming 5 1/4" tall, 2 1/4" wide Amaryllis vase in the reddish brown and deep blue majolica glazes.
Very good condition. Factory flaws include a few pin-sized underglaze bubbles and a tiny bump of extra clay next to a tiny kiln pull on the bottom rim (see photo no. 3). All standard for early Brush McCoy. T are no damages.
A very nice example of this "majolica glaze" pottery. The term sounds a bit strange to us today, because we think of Victorian majolica, with its luscious greens, blues, and pinks, which is very unlike the Amaryllis line. Instead, Brush McCoy seems to have referred back to the Italian majolica of the Renaissance for these rust and blue tones. Photos 4 and 5 show two jars; the first was made in Venice around 1560 and the second in Sicily around 1700. Both the stylized flower shapes and the colors are somewhat like Brush McCoy's "Majolica Ware." (These aren't included in this auction, unfortunately.)
The Brush factory doesn't seem to have followed the full four-step process involved in making Renaissance majolica (although they did use the traditional tin and lead underglaze), and tfore their pieces don't have quite the same bright clarity of color as the older pottery.
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