Early CDF / Division of Forestry fleet photo album photo's

This is was found in a CDF station many years ago. It is a album of photo copied photo's of the CDF fleet. It has engine model #s 1,2,4,6 and has the specifications and equipment for each one. It also has the crew bus, dozers and transports, and misc. equipment. A neat part of the Division of Forestry history. Shipping is 2.00 in the USA. Check other auctions for other early CDF items. Thanks

I have added a clarification and new pictures. The original album I listed is PHOTO COPIES of pictures in a hard cover black report type booklet. It is pictured on the right in the picture with the sticker. I have a second book and because of the interest I'm selling it also along with the first, BOTH TOGETHER ONE BID. This second one is actual photographs, it includes Engines, transports, dozers, Hot food dispenser,40 foot crew house trailer and misc. equipment