Early Couroc "Chess" Tray - Excellent condition 15

Couroc Chess Tray - Excellent Condition

15" x 10.75"

Neat Tray, an old type Couroc tray in beautiful shape. The design has a lot of work in it and is pretty darn rare. This tray is so nice that it will make a very nice gift for some chess lover.

I would give this tray a 96%. It looks unused. T is a very old type white paper label and little stubby feet - an earlier form than the concave feet. The label has a #20 written in pencil on the lower left corner. I have no way of proving it but I believe it to be a factory marking. Perhaps somebody else has one with a similar marking. Please let me know if you do.

Like all Couroc trays, this is a great tray for working on your lap with a laptop or whenever you are working with small pieces. The substantial, raised lip helps keep everything on the tray. Made of a bakelite-like resin, Couroc trays are very sturdy and durable. They are great to serve drinks or food or just for display. Couroc has remained a hot collectable for many years due to the high quality of design and materials.

I have written three "guides" to help Couroc collectors and sellers too. You can see them when you search for Couroc on the left side of the page. One is a guide to trays, another a guide to Couroc boxes and the last a guide on how to ship Couroc safely. Please take
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