Early Dextra Nampeyo Quotskuyva Hopi Polychrome Pottery

Early Traditional Hopi Pottery by Dextra Nampeyo Quotskuyva

Dextra, born 1928 in Polacca, AZ at Hopi First Mesa to Rachel and Emerson Namingha, is a very highly regarded artist and potter. She began potting over 40 years ago and uses traditional methods. Early in her career she began by using traditional Sikyatki-influenced designs revived by her great-grandmother, the legendary Nampeyo of Hano. This is just such a piece, which contrasts considerably with much of the pottery she has made in the last 20 or so years.

Today, her influence is apparent in the work of daughter Hisi Nampeyo, nephews Steve Lucas and Les Namingha, as well as Jacob Koopee, whom she has mentored. Accordingly, as perhaps the best-known potter from Hopi her work commands top-dollar (many thousands) in the finest galleries.

Sadly, this pot has had some "restoration" done to it in the form of paint applied to its lower portion, beneath w the top design ends. I have no clue who did this or when, let alone what would possess them to do it. Other than that the pot is in good condition. T are no chips or cracks. Some of the painted design does have some wear. T is a small blue-green speck on it, perhaps from someone's errant pen.

This pot measures 3.5" tall, 7.25" diameter and a circumference of 23.75". It is in very good condition and was
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