Early Edison Amberola "V" uncommon cylinder phonograph

This Amberola V. was Introduced in 1913. It is a large sized Amberola bieng approx. 17 x 17 x 22 inches. This is a very nice table top machine with bevelled corners, That is about the size of a Victrola table top. It has a unique motor with a flywheel mounted on the mandrel shaft. I believe it has a Diamond B reproducer and plays only the blue Amberola cylinders 4 minute only. The motor bed plate is a dark brown color as opposed to the more common black used on most Edison machines. The other neat feature is that the horn is stationary and the elbow atop the reproducer pivots and extends as needed for full record length travel coupled with the pivoting tone arm extention that connects to the stationary horn elbow. Quite an interesting machine in pretty darn good condition with the normal bumps and bruises (none too serious) The veneer is good and tight with only a minimal amount of loss at the top corner and front as seen in the pics. The faux wood painted front grille and internal horn show some normal finish loss. All metal parts move freely and the gold stripes and Edison signature are very nice, just a couple of flecks of finish loss on the bed plate. The reproducer sounds great and but is stuck in the mount. I am going to leave getting it loose to you as it has 2 small chips that do not limit functionality from an earlier attempt ... read more