Please check out our other auctions. We are selling a small collection of wonderful antique Easter items. The collection is made up of mostly early German items including pull toys, candy containers, roly polys, nodders, and other early German antiques. Also included are some incredible celluloid Easter items, Chein, and other great antique Easter treasures. PLEASE NOTE! ALL ITEMS SOLD IN ALL OF OUR AUCTIONS ARE ORIGINALS AND GUARANTEED OLD. NO REPRODUCTIONS OR NEW OLD STOCK ITEMS SOLD. WE GUARANTEE! NO EXCEPTIONS! Wonderful early German molding and molding detail on this 6" tall x 4 1/2" long early rare German candy container. All of the feathers on the wings and breast, clear back to the tail, are finely molded into the piece. Great molding on the legs and the well defined feet. The face of the rooster has finely molded eye sockets and a finely molded red rooster comb on top of his head, a beautifully molded beak and mouth, and a finely detailed cocks crow underneath his beak. Foxy Grandpa's head is very finely molded and painted. All of the following are both painted and molded into the piece: his glasses, hair, mouth, ears, nose, and hat. His head can be removed to reveal a candy container for candy retrieval. His body is molded into the rooster's body with great detail given to his hands that are holding onto the rooster'
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