Early Indestructo Steamer or Wardrobe Trunk 1903-1925

Fresh from a local estate, we're pleased to offer the vintage steamer or wardrobe style trunk pictured below. A metal tag fastened to the trunk identifies the manufacturer as The Indestructo Trunks Company, of Mishawaka, Indiana. This company produced "Indestructo" trunks from 1903 until 1925 . The trunk offered is a nice example of Indestructo's work. What makes this particular trunk unique is the way that it opens. Rather than opening at the side (like a book), this trunk is hinged at the front, about 4 or 5 inches from the bottom, and opens top to bottom. ( See picture below ). The door is removable (the "hook" or "peg" style hinges aren't fastened to the trunk), so that it can be removed for access to the trunk's contents. The dimensions of the trunk (when closed) are as follows: 32 inches tall; 20 1/2 inches wide; and 9 inches deep. The condition is fair to good. We've made no attempt to clean or refurbish this piece. T's a fair bit of scuffing on the outer surface, and two or three areas of minor damage (including a small piece of broken trim at the top, and a small -- quarter size -- dimple on the side). The leather handle at the top is in good shape, the handle at the side is broken on one end. The inside is dirty, but appears to be more or less intact. (See picture below). The clasps and hinges are in good working order.

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