Early milk cap, no pull tab, FAIRMOUNT FARMS, Supplee-Willis-Jones, LOOK!

Fairmount Farms is in the red in the center. A bit hard to read.

Over the years, I have set aside some caps that appear to be early. These appear to have been used with a "cap pick" to open. After many hundreds of thousands of caps and 20+ years of "looking", these filled less than a "very small box". They represent far less that 0.5% of the caps I have had. The diameter of these caps is 15/8, the same as the tab caps, but larger than the inserts removed from cover caps. I may have made a mistake on a few of them, but not many. If you think I did, feel free to return the cap for a full refund.

If you are in my store and looking at milk caps, you can do a search by state using the 2 letter Postal abbreviation. In addition, "MV" wil get mavericks, "WC" will get war caps, "HC" will get holiday caps and "OT" will get others such as states, events, presidents, etc.

The scale shown below the cap is 1 5/8 inches.

Caps are scanned while in plastic pages. This results in some reflection and glare around the edge of the caps.

Check my store for more milk caps and other obscure advertising items.