2 EARLY ORIGINAL 3-Spring VICTOR VTLA,VIC-VI Talking Machine Phonograph MOTORS

TWO (!) Very Early Victor Talking Machine 3-Spring YIELDING TURNTABLE Nickel Plated Spring Barrel Phonograph Motors.
These motors are incredibly hard to find today and were used on a few early external horn and internal horn Victor Talking Machine models. I believe these motors would fit the Victor VTLA model, external horn Vic-VI and Vic-V, early L-Door XVI models and the earliest XIV model.
Please accept that I have no idea exactly which particular models these two Victor Talking Machine motors came from as I purchased them many years ago in a group of other phonograph motors and parts.
One motor is very clean, gears turn and it appears to be complete but there is no tension when I try winding it so it likely needs spring attention. The other motor is missing 2 governor weights, 2 governor springs, mainspring arbor stanchion, barrel plate, possibly more but that is what I see missing. This motor is also not working.
Both motors have nickel plated mainspring barrels & yielding turntable spindles which were only used on higher end Victor Talking Machine models.
The package will need to be fairly large and will be fairly hefty as the motors weigh about 13 pounds each. International buyers please wait for invoice before sending payment. The motors will be packaged securely.
Please see pictures for details
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