Early Primitive Wood Bucket Pail Original Paint

SPRING HAS FINALLY ARRIVED IN MAINE! Please read all the way through to the bottom so that you will find all needed updated info ( like Ebay's newest great idea to take a cut for themselves from the shipping costs! ) also please ask any questions that you might have on the item offered because I may miss mentioning something that is important to you and don't forget to use the "enlarge picture" feature to pull the pictures up nice & close~ I have in, most cases, taken indoor pic's and outdoor ones- so that you are better able to see the color of the item ~ I have figured shipping costs with only Parcel Post .. I would be happy to ship Priority or UPS , just let me know *you would like either of those shipping methods and I will be happy to re-figure shipping costs I highly recommend insurance to protect your purchase. If you do wish insurance PLEASE contact me as soon as the auction ends to let me know so that I may then add it into your invoice. Thanks! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EARLY PRIMITIVE BUCKET Very Primitive appearance! This Early Wood Bucket measures a tall 13 3/4" H x 10.5" W at the top opening narrowing to 9" at the bottom It was originally a Bucket used to make ice cream but all the workings had been removed or lost when we acquired it. The paint is original and is ... read more