Early Stanley BEDROCK Frog, Blade, Chpbrker, Lever cap

I believe these parts to be from an early, circa 1908-1910 Stanley BEDROCK, #7 (607) size. Likely Type 4 based on the Bob Kaune 1996 Type Study.

I'm not the foremost expert on Bedrock planes, but is what I believe to be correct.

The frog has the proper STANLEY on the lateral with no patent date, a "B" on the casting, the screws to mount it to the bed and the lever cap locking screw. It is 2 and 3/8ths inches wide, crack and chip free and free of rust, in better than Good+ condition. T is no blade adjusting brass nut.

The blade and chipbreaker are 2 and 3/8ths inches wide and a full 7 inches long with the "Stanley Rule and Level" type "4B" trademark. It is free of rust, has some minor black spots and is sharp with no chips or cracks. The Chipbreaker is firmly screwed to the blade and is in the same condition, Good+ or better.

The Lever Cap is correct at 2 and 2/8ths inches plus a little with the correct "B" in the casting, the logo "STANLEY BEDROCK" with 95% of its original japanning on the logo background and no cracks, chips or dings in Good+ or better condition.

I rescued these from a busted BEDROCK bed years ago and coated them with liquid wax to prevent Florida rust, preserving them as found. Heavier instances of the wax may show in the pictures as a brown stain, but, the wax brown
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