Early Structo Toys Caterpillar Earth Scraper Truck V RARE NICE 100% ORIGINAL

Here you are bidding on this SUPER RARE Early Structo Toys (Freeport, Ill.) Pressed Metal Caterpillar Earth Scraper Construction Truck - VERY RARE STRUCTO TOYS PIECE IN VERY STRONG WORKING UNTOUCHED ORIGIAL CONDITION - GREAT ORIGINAL PAINT - THESE WERE ONLY MADE FOR (4) YEARS (1948-51) - VERY NICE EXAMPLE OF THIS PIECE - HARD TO UPGRADE ON THIS PIECE - BUY THEM WHEN YOU CAN FIND THEM IN THIS CONDITION!! I am selling this piece and other early toys and collectables from my Fathers personal Collection. This 21-5/8" long Pressed Metal piece dates from the late 40's to early 50's (1948-51) and is in Very Good+++ Untouched Original Condition - the Piece is 100% Original, Complete, Working, and is extremely RARE to find in this condition. The Toy Features: Original Black Rubber Tires marked "Structo Toys" on Metal Axles with Tin Litho Hub Caps - Original Red Paint is Very Strong (NO play wear, some minor chips/scuffs/scrapes - amazing for the age and Extreme RARITY of the toy) - Original Highly Detailed Pressed Metal Earth Scraper Drivers Cab, Scraper Service Rear Trailer, Grill, Front Bumper, Drivers Station with Metal Seat & Steering Bar, Working Crank-Activated Bottom Scraper Action Trailer, Fifth Wheel Hook-up, Frame, and many other exacting Details - Original "STRUCTO TOYS" Service Rear (some chips) and MINTY Front Side Decaling

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