Early Syroco Wall Decoration - Flowers

This is an unmarked wall decoration of red and cream colored flowers. Itwas made from the Syroco molding process that Adolph Hostein, owner of the Syracuse Ornamental Company, developed in the 1890s. The material is a combination of of a wood compound and casting fluids that were then poured into molds. The finished casting appears to be hand carved. The Syracuse Ornamental Company became Syroco, Inc., in the 1930s. By the 1940's, other companies such as Multi Products were producing Syrocco products. The Syracuse Ornamental Company produced many products for the home including ashtrays, decorative architectural moldings and very sought after cork screws.
This wall decoration is a fairly early piece of Syrocco. It is unmarked and has a hole all the way through the piece for mounting with a decorative screw. The piece measures 8 ¼ inches long by 6 ½ inches wide. It is in good condition with little or no paint loss. It has been repaired where one side of the scroll decoration split from age. This is a wonderful vintage display piece.