This Museum quality uniform is being relisted. The previous completed auction was nullified by Ebay because of fraudulent bidding activity. This is certainly an annoyance to say the least, but perhaps it should be viewed as another opportunity to own an outstanding group from the 19TH century.

This is a uniform from the famous 7TH New York Regiment. It is in very good condition. The set consists of a shell jacket, a kepi and a pair of trousers all tailored in heavy wool. Some slight wear exists in the shoulder area of the tunic, perhaps from a leather pack strap or similar accoutrement and the quilted lining (linen?) shows a bit of deterioration. The kepi lining is now quite delicate but complete and the brim may have been repaired at some point.

The uniform is identified to a C. A. Gray and research highlights several names which could represent the original owner. These include someone who deserted from another regiment and a man who served in the 78TH Eagle Brigade. I have found one C. A. (Charles) Gray who was associated with the 7TH New York and he was part of the Medical Services (Surgeon) Branch of the Regiment. During the Civil War period the 7TH wore gray during early service and photographic evidence indicates that this style unform was worn within the State at least through the draft riots of 1863. At
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