's a great example of a very early Knight's of Pythias sword. I have had and sold hundreds of fraternal swords in the past 20+ years and only a handful were KP swords, with this being the oldest.

I just bought this sword so I don't believe it has left the house in many years.

This sword was made by W. Clauberg in Solingen. Clauberg also made Civil War swords as well. Wilhelm Clauberg & Co started making swords in 1857. I'd put this one at the early end of their sword making due to its construction. It is very similar to the Union Medical Officer's Sword made and carried during the Civil War.

Their swords were sold by Schuyler, Hartley & Graham of New York City and by WH Horstman as well.

OAL is 34 5/8" with the blade at 27 5/8".

The uncleaned blade has a dark brown patina covering the entire blade...this one is too early to be nickle plated like 99% of the other KP swords you see. T are a few spots of very light rust (see pics) but they are quite small. The trade mark is stamped down near the guard. The blade is not broken, bent or damaged in any way.

The handle is very ornate and still has its original double chain. The brass casting have not been cleaned and show great old patina. T is a shield on each side of the guard, one is ornate with a knight riding with joust.
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