Vintage Winstanley Siamese kitten; this is one of the earliest Winstanley cats made by Jenny herself at the Kensington pottery and is model number 11 - see the info below copied & pasted from the internet: The Winstanley pottery started at Kensington in 1958 and relocated to Norfolk in 1964 so this cat definitely dates to between 1958 and 1964 and being number 11 is one of the first produced. These early Kensington cats are very sought after by collectors; the very early ones like this had hand painted eyes rather than the cathedral glass ones. The Winstanley Pottery is a family run concern, and recently I took the opportunity to ask Nick, the son of the family, a few questions about the pottery. We met while he was on a delivery run, supplying shops across the breadth of England and Wales. Nick told me that the pottery was started in 1958 by his parents from a base in Kensington, London. They produced cats similar to the ones we love today, except those early cats usually had model numbers painted on the bottom. After 1980, there were so many cat models they stopped adding the model number on the bottom. I was surprised to learn that the pottery has well over 100 different models. Because these cats are hand-painted, no two cats are the same, making them truly unique items. By the mid-60s, they had left London to settle their ... read more