Earnhardt Mom & Pops special "pig card" TRAKS insert

NOW S SOMETHING RARE!!!! In 1992 Traks racing put out a 6 card Dale Earnhardt set of Mom & Pop cards. This was called set #2, because Set #1 was put out in 1991. In addition to the standard set, t were only 5,000 of these special bonus cards put out. The Special bonus card was a limited edition card showing a picture of Dale Earnhardt hamminig it up in the Winner's circle at Charlotte, with his car and "THUNDER THE RACING HOG". Five thousand (5,000) may seem like a lot, but you have to remember these cards were randomly inserted into packages, and bags of "GREASY COUNTRY HAM!!" Many of these cards were ruined by the fat and the grease from the country ham and were thrown away. Very few survived. AT ONE TIME THESE CARDS WERE BOOKING IN EXCESS OF $200.00 EACH. I think the price has settled down now, if you can find them. The cards were only distributed in North and South Carolina. The card was produced with a gold foil border and on the back featured a ghostedholographic image of Dale's signature to prevent counterfeiting. I have a few of these cards that I am now willing to part with. My cards are in perfect condition, not greasy, sealed and come from a smoke free environment. YOU WILL BE EXTREMELY HAPPY TO OWN THIS SPECIAL DALE EARNHARDT INSERT CARD, especially if you already own the 6 card set.

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