East German DDR Airborne Parachute Badge w/30 Jump tag

This an authentic and original military issue Parachutist Qualification Badge from East Germany ( Deutsche Demokratische Republik - DDR ) with a 30 parachute jump hanger. It has a threaded post with dish shaped round nut on the back for attachment. This badge is illustrated in Bragg & Turner's first book, Parachute Badges and Insignia of the World, as B&T# 744. A little background: not known to many collectors, there were four distinctly different badges using this basic design. Type I was made of silver metal and had the older black, red and yellow diamond shaped National Symbol at the bottom. The diamond shaped symbol was used on many of the East German air force badges. The Type II parachutist badge was also made of silver metal, but had the round shaped National Symbol with red in the background. Type III was made entirely of copper with red in the background behind the National Symbol. Type IV was also made of copper and it did NOT have the red background behind the national symbol.
Deutsche Demokratische Republik ( DDR ), often known as East Germany, existed from 1949 to 1990. This badge is from an old collection and is long obsolete and getting scarce. This badge is from a select unit of elite paratroopers in a country that ceased to exist over 20 years ago. This parachute badge is the T ype III which has
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