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The SchMS is a Soviet gas mask originating during the Cold War era, designed for use by soviet snipers. It uses the standard Russian 40mm thread design to attach a filter and/or hose, and was issued with a standard EO-16 "coffee can" filter. "SchMs" is credited as the East German designation, as some sources point to the mask also being designated as the "� Ш-4" which roughly translates to RSH-4 or "Шлем-Маска ШМС" which roughly translates to Helmet-Mask ShMts. This gas mask is almost identical to the PRWU .

Like other Soviet gas masks made during the Cold War, the SchMS was made in both grey and black variants. The SchMS has a voice emitter at the lower front area of the mask, which is covered by a protective metal cover with mulitple holes. The voice diaphragm is fairly standard for the time, using a thin piece of plastic below the metal protector piece to amplify speech. The mask lacks an oronasal cup, much like other Soviet masks during the cold war and as a result, the mask's lenses fog up fairly quickly. The lenses of the SchMS are positioned so that soldiers can look through various optical devices while wearing the mask.