Eastenders Genuine Rehearsal Script & Signed Card - Wendy Richards & Others

An Eastenders Genuine Script - It contains over 90 pages. On the front it states 'Eastenders Episode No. 226', It also states the Production dates, Transmission, Sunrise, Sunset, Lot Day Sunset. The front page has a list of the production team. The next page has a list of the cast - Asif, Barry, Billy, Charlotte, Derek, Garrry, Ian, Janine, Kat, Laura, Lisa, Little Mo, Louise, Lucy, Lynne, Mark, Martin, Patrick,Paul, Pauline, Peter, Phil, Sadie, Sharon, Sharon, Steven, Tom, Delivery Bloke. The next section is the Eastenders Story Order.

The transmission was Tuesday 03rd September 2002

The script is quite worn around the edges.

We even have a christmas card which still has the envolope, It is signed by Martin Fowler, Wendy Richard, Ian Beale and Sharon. Also there is 5 postcards with members of the cast on, the one with Peter Beale on is signed. The card with the whole cast on has a fold line in the middle. On the back of that card it has all the signatures on but they are not original they are just photocopied.

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