Eastern Airlines 1st Class Liquor Kit- Still Sealled!

PLEASE: If you are under the age of 21 DO NOT BID! PROOF OF AGE WILL BE VERIFIED! This item is being sold solely for its containers, not the contents of the bottles. This case alone is highly valuable- and at todays $5 a mini price tag, the bottles are too. This is the 3rd case that I've sold. One was a Coach Liquor Case, and the two others were 1st Class Cases. They have all sold for over $100, so be prepaired! This one may bring more strictly due to the fact that the condition of the "Eastern" cargo wrap is perfect!

If you were wondering, t are 42 Top-Shelf bottles in this case. The case has been sealed since 1979! All of my Eastern items were purchased at a Eastern Liquidation Sale at the Miami International Airport.

"The list of items that I can make out are: "Beefeater Very Dry", "J+B", "Kalua","Carvosier", "William and Humbert", "Crown Royal"

Value alone of the bottles at todays airline rate is $210.00 -Add to that the Eastern history, and the overall "coolness" of having a 1st class liquor kit, and you're doing fine....

Again, if you are buying to drink these items, I cannot legally sell them to you.....BUT, if you're buying these because you collect airline mini-bottles, then I can. I hope we're on the same page with that one.

Ask any questions! After 225 sales/purchases, all have
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