Easton BV1 V12 Adult Baseball Bat (-3) - New 32/29

This Bat is Brand New in Wrapper

Introducing the new Easton V12 Pure Alloy -3 Adult Baseball Bat. The Easton V12 is a pure alloy one-piece design that features Easton's exclusive V12 Alloy, the strongest and toughest on the market.

The V12 features a streamlined design that optimizes the wall thickness throughout the barrel profile, taper contour, and handle make the V12 the most weight proficient bat on the market.

The V12 barrel also features Easton's O-Zone, Optimal Hitting Zone Technology, which slightly thickens the barrel walls at the taper and end cap sections of the barrel to stiffen those regions and increase the trampoline effect and overall barrel performance of maximum hitting area.

The V12 has a flex rating of 100, giving it maximum handle Stiffness for ultimate balance and control through the hitting zone. The V12 also features a VRS rating of 80, which gives it a great feel while providing player with solid feedback at contact.


-3 Length to Weight Ratio

2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter - meets all college and high school bat standards

Balanced Swing Weight

BESR Certified

Flex Rated 100 Handle Provides Maximum Stiffness for Ultimate Control and Balance

Lowest M.O.I. on the Market Provides Greatest Possible Swing Speed
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