Easton 5 ft Pop-Up Multi-Sport Training Net NEW

Have a budding soccer star, big league pitcher, or quarterback in your midst? Pick up Easton's 5-foot pop-up training net, an ideal practice aid for any sport in which accuracy matters (most of them, in other words). The net sets up in a variety of configurations: a catch net that's great for batting practice or working on your soccer fundamentals; a goal for lacrosse, field hockey, and similar sports; and a target that helps refine your pitching/QB skills. The net even comes with an adjustable, removable target hole, letting you finely hone your pitch location or work on your long-distance passing touch. And thanks to the net's durable steel flatwire construction, the unit will stay upright and secure regardless of how often you use it.

Remarkably easy to set up and take down, the net comes with two breakdown poles with individual pockets, along with four ground stakes for stability. And best of all, the net is completely portable, with a folding design that fits in a 29-inch circular carrying bag. Want to train at the park rather than the backyard? Not a problem. Measuring 5 feet wide by 5 feet tall, the training net is backed by a 90-day warranty.


Dimensions: 5 by 5 feet (W x H) Includes two breakdown poles with individual pockets and four ground stakes Warranty: 90-day Material: Steel flatwire
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