Easton LCN6 Stealth Composite Youth 29/18 Baseball Bat

Excellent used condition. 29" / 18 oz. Approved for use in Dixie Youth, Little League, Babe Ruth, Pony, and AABC youth leagues. 1.15 BPF
Whether it's the sweet-spot-enhancing performance of Easton's patented multi-wall, all-composite Stealth Comp CNT or the strength and toughness of the world's highest-performing Sc900 scandium alloy, Easton's line of Stealth bats dominates at every level of play. This LCN6 Stealth Comp CNT youth model boasts a combination of Carbon Nanotube (CNT) technology and Easton's patented Integrated Matrix (IMX) technology. The former strengthens the bat's composite structures, thus optimizing the design for maximum performance, while the latter synchronizes the relationship between the materials, design technologies, and manufacturing process. Add in Easton's ConneXion technology--which acts like a hinge to provide an efficient energy transfer from handle to barrel--and you have a bat with a quick whip-like action through the hitting zone, helping generate more power than ever.
Other details include an Opti-Flex composite handle with a maximum handle flex that's three times greater than most aluminum bats; an Extended Plex design that stretches the sweet spot along the entire length of the barrel; a 2-1/4-inch diameter Monster barrel; a super-lightweight -11 length-to-weight ratio; and an ultra-thin
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