Easton S19 Hockey Stick. 100 Flex, Iginla Curve. Left

New. Easton S19 Iginla curve. 100 Flex. Left handed even though picture shows right handed stick.

Lightning power and great feel come from Easton's Kevlar® wrapped Compression Molded shaft. Thinner layers of material allow Easton to use twice as many, giving the shafts an unmatched responsiveness and allowing them to stay lively longer. QUICK release shots come from our TORX™ Elliptical Technology shaped to store and release torque and flex simultaneously allowing shots to get off faster. RELEASE the puck faster with Easton's Micro-Bladder™ Multi Rib™ blade engineered to control torque and flex when shooting, providing great feel and pin point accuracy. Carbon wrapped high density core lets you feel the puck so you can look at the target, not your blade. Tuned taper section built with Elite Stiffness Profile to pro specs Improved blade feel with newly engineered materials Upper core – structural Lower core – solid core for improved feel Grip coating increases stick control 61