EASTON ZCORE SC888 CXN CONNEXION -3 33 in 30 oz 2 5/8 d

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This Auction is for a really nice Bat. Now I am new to selling bats, so I do not know what is what in the bat world. I will describe all the info I see on the bat so you can judge for yourself what your buying. This is an Easton SC888 Z-core CXN Connexion -3. Model BT100-Z, 2 5/8 barrel, 30 ounces, 33 inches. Very nice bat. ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD AS IS. WHILE I MAY MISS SOMETHING REGARDING THIS DESCRIPTION, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO LOOK AT MY PICTURES, READ MY DESCRIPTION, BE THE JUDGE, AND BID ACCORDINGLY. PLEASE LOOK VERY CLOSELY AT EACH AUCTION LOT AND ALL MY PICTURES SO YOU DO NOT MISS ANYTHING YOUR BUYING. ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE ASK!!

As a long term seller, I take great pride in my auctions. I do not mislead anyone. I am not out to rip anyone off and needless to say, I take pride in my auctions and what you will expect when you get it. My pic's are clear and while some descriptions may be short, that is because I do not know everything about certain items I sell. While I really do try to work with all my buyers, Refunds and Returns should not be expected unless I make an error in my listing, not because you did not look at my pics,

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INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS, PLEASE READ THIS!!! Due to recent problems with certain customers, As of now, I will only ship Express Mail International Shipping anywhere outside the United States. I am only using this because when it comes to fighting a claim, sellers do not stand a chance with international customers. Express mail will allow me to get a signature and tracking so maybe I can get a refund if needed instead of having it taken directly from my account. Very few repeat customers of mine will continue to get First Class shipping, but those are only a few and you know who you are. I do apologize for this, but it has to be done for self protection.

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I am committed to providing a 5 star service, therefore, I am expecting a ** 5 star rating** and POSITIVE FEEDBACK. I respect all customers purchases and will inform you of any problems or issues that occur after the auction. In return, I would expect all buyers to inform me of any problems which occur after they recieve their product.

If you plan on or are known for giving --Negative Feedbacks or Less t hat a 5 **Star Rating, do me a favor and stay away from my auctions. If you have any problems with your purchase, I am willing to work with you to make you satisfied with your purchase, to a reasonable extent of course and only if there is a cause which is exceptable. Keep in mind, you must do your part and ask questions before you buy please.


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Weekly I will have items ranging from all types of bloks, Antiques, Vintage toys, and a fulll line of Diecast and building toys + other items. Add me to your favorites and please check my auctions weekly for new items. If you see something you like and would need additional information, feel free to email me . Please do not wait until you buy and receive something to blame me for something you did not ask.

All items are sold as is, I try to include as much information as I can on everything I sell. I try to take the best pictures I can. I try to satisfy as many of my customers as I can, BUT refunds will not be handed out unless I made a mistake in my listing, not because you did not ask ...

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