6 Easy Bake Oven Homemade Mixes / 36 Ultimate Easy Bake Cupcake Mixes (FruityPk)

6 Homemade Easy Bake Oven Cake & Frosting Mi xes / 36 Ultimate Easy Bake Oven Mini Cupcake & Frosting Mi xes ~Build-A-Cake Bake Shop~

Welcome toBuild-A-Cake Bake Shop........

Now offering even more yummy goodies for little tummies!

A little over six years ago, I began making these wonderful mixes and selling them locally for children to enjoy with their Easy Bake Ovens. Being that they were such a hit, I decided to bring these tasty goodies to Ebay over 4 years ago and I am so happy to have made over 400 little tummies very happy with my tasty treats. Although there are others out there trying to copy my product, I assure you that the quality and service can never compare.

As many of you already know, the prepackaged mixes can be very costly. After much money spent on those mixes, I decided to make these recipes right out of my own kitchen. My homemade mixes are made when ordered, with fresh ingredients and no preservatives. These cakes taste better than the store-bought mixes and are healthier for our children.

I have many mixes available which I sell individually, as a group and even personalized for baking parties. I also offer holiday, birthday, and themed packages all for a reasonable price.

3 Cakes/Cupcake Mixes
(Each cake mix makes 2 cakes if using the
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