Easy to Master Card Miracles 7, 8 & 9 by Michael Ammar

Easy To Master Card Miracles DVD - Vol 7, 8 & 9
by Michael Ammar
Volume 7 2 Shuffles Harry (Harry Lorayne, Brother John Hamman) Perfect Stop Trick (Edward Marlo) The Smith Myth (Fred Smith) Mind Reading Chicken (Lamont Reams) Always Cut Cards (Larry Jennings) 6-Card Royal (Doug Edwards) Future Deck (Jack Fosberg) Cards Across (Michael Ammar) $2,000 Transpo (Origin Unknown) Cheaters Poker (Alan Wakeling, Jim Steinmeyer) Color Changing Deck (Paul Curry)
Volume 8
Comedy Rising Card (Unknown Origin) Card on Tie (Dan Korem) Caller I.D. (Eric Allen) Card In Balloon (Derek Dingle) Larry's Favorite (Larry Jennings) Mona Lisa Card (Michael Skinner) Impossible Miniature Rising Cards (Martin Lewis) Spectator Cuts to the Aces (Elmer Biddle, Bob Vesser) Anytime 4 Aces (Frank Garcia) Weiner's Miracle Princess Cards (Irv Weiner)
Volume 9 Open Production (Paul Harris) 4 Card Reverse(Larry Jennings) The Visitor (Larry Jennings) Impromptu, 1/2 Deck, OOTW Plus (Paul Curry, Harry Lorayne, Aldo Colombini, Michael Ammar) Vacuum Cleaner Cards (Paul Harris) Fists of Frost (Michael Ammar) All the Non-Conformists (Michael Skinner) Deception Perception (Allan Ackerman) 21st Century 21 Card Trick (Edward Marlo) Socrate's Cards to Pocket (Philippe Socrate) The 110 lb Card Trick (Irv Weiner, Michael Ammar) Triple Prediction (Brother
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